Partners of Bureau of Social & Political Developments

As part of its activities Bureau cooperates with various international and Ukrainian organizations

Науково-достідний інститут Unicef Карітас України Civil Society Forum Громадська синергія Відродження
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
Ptoukha Institute for Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration)
The Scientific Research Institute of Labour and Employment of the Population of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Unicef Ukraine
Caritas Ukraine
European Economic and Social Committee
European Social Network
Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations"
Armavir Development Center
EU-UA Civil Society Platform
International association “Eurostrategy”
Faculty of socio-psychological studies and management of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
State institution “The State Institute for Family and Youth Policy”
The Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Medical Sciences
All-Ukrainian Public Organization “The Institute for Budgetary and Socio-Economic Research”
International NGO “Labor and Health Social Initiatives”
Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”
NGO "Labor Initiative"
Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine
NGO "Conviсtus Ukraine"

Human rights organization "Human Rights"

SOCIOPOLIS: Social, Political & Market Research

Ukrainian corporate equality Index

Center for European social law implementation issues

NGO Fulcrum UA

Center for Public Diplomacy

Coalition for the protection of civil society
Науково-достідний інститут Unicef Black sea trust for regional cooperation Civil Society Forum КМДА international renaissance foundation Карітас України