Association of Civil Society Organizations
and independent experts for social sector reform

Key Areas of Work

Bureau of social and political developments works with social reform and social dialogue in Ukraine

Development of policy papers in the field of social services and social security reform
the capacity of providers of social services, social partners and civil society
of NGOs to develop a common vision of necessary changes in the field of social policy
Conduction advocacy campaigns to promote draft legal documents relating to the sustainable development

Social Dialogue

Enshrined in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

is the need to reform the principles of interaction between trade unions, employers, civil society organizations and the state to better resolve socio-economic problems in the country

Social reform

The Bureau of Social and Political Developments, together with the Coordination and Expert Council on Social Policy and the Ministry of Social Policy, worked out a model for reforming the social services provision system in Ukraine in a decentralized environment.

Human development social platform.

The purpose of HDSP is to ensure human development in Ukraine through the consolidation of acquired knowledge and scientific potential to further advocate the developed documents at national and local level. HDSP is based on the collaboration and interaction of research  institutions and non-governmental organizations and aimed at providing expert support, ensuring effective social policy implementation and fostering human development in Ukraine.
Memorandum of understanding as a base of Human development social platform

Coordination and Expert Council on Social Policy

The main activity of KER is the implementation of scientific research and development,

aimed at realization of strategic tasks of social policy and social strategy of the state.