Development of policy papers in the field of social services and social security reform
the capacity of providers of social services, social partners and civil society
of NGOs to develop a common vision of necessary changes in the field of social policy
Conduction advocacy campaigns to promote draft legal documents relating to the sustainable development
2014 year The Project  “State social policy and social dialogue in the context of the Association Agreement in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia”
Supported by the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (CSF EaP) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Within the framework of the project, the State Enterprise "Bureau of Social and Political Developments" prepared analytical documents on the reform of the social dialogue system in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Social dialogue in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine
A wide range of stakeholders is involved in public discussion of these documents. A round table was held, together with the working group of "Social and Labor Policy; Social Dialogue "(WG5) of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in co-operation with the European Economic and Social Committee. Round table "Social Dialogue in the Context of Signing of the Association Agreement with the EU in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia". The status of the social dialogue in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and the challenges that arise after the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union was discussed on the meeting. Based on the results of the work, recommendations for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Government Committee on European Integration, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as for social partners on creation in accordance with Art. 469-470 Agreements on the Association of the Civil Society Platform Ukraine-EU.

2015 year The Project  “The system of integrated social services in Armenia and Ukraine”
Together with a count  of  Armenian NGOs and Ministries of Social Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Armenia was realized the project, the main task of which was to develop practical recommendations for changes in the provision of social services, in particular, in the context of decentralization. The experience of Armenia and Ukraine in the creation of a single center for the provision of social services is considered, and prepared some propositions about the model of financing social services provision.  
 According to the results of the project, proposals were prepared on the model of provision of social services in conditions of decentralization, the Monitoring report on the system of provision of social services in Ukraine, which the ministries of both countries supported and proposed to develop amendments to the Budget Code and the Law of Ukraine "On Public-Private Partnership" in view of the need The inclusion in this law of opportunities for the creation of social institutions on the principle of public-private partnership. Several events were held in Armenia and Ukraine to discuss the developments of the Bureau. Project results were provided to the World Bank Representation in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

2015 year The Project  “Initiative multi-stakeholder dialogue on Social Reform in Ukraine”
Was supported by the regional project "Civil Society. Dialogue for progress “European Commission. Experts and representatives of civil society discussed a new version of the Law of Ukraine "On Social Services", as well as the tasks facing the social protection system in the context of administrative and budgetary decentralization. According to the results of coordination between different expert platforms for effective lobbying of the new wording of the Law "On Social Services", joint statements were made on the necessity of introducing a draft law for the first reading to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; A model for attracting social investments at the local level has been developed and started. An analytical paper "Proposals for reforming the model of social services financing in Ukraine", the draft Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Freedom of Movement and Free Choice of Residence in Ukraine" was elaborated. Within the framework of the project, a wide range of expert discussions were held on various issues Reforming the social sphere, in particular, the system of provision of social services: "Reforming the system of providing social services in conditions of decentralization: The model of provision of social services in the territory "The Strategy for the Development of the Social Services Provision: Development Issues", "Social Reform in Ukraine", "The System of Provision of Social Services and Regulatory Regulation"; "Changes to the Budget and Tax Codes of Ukraine: The Way to Develop a Social Services Provision System”

2015 year The Project “Stronger together: the new social dialogue in EaP”
The signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, on the one hand, and the European Union, on the other hand, has put the society and the social partners in the need for profound changes in the system of social dialogue. The formation of a new relations model in this area faces a number of problems: first of all, this is an absence of conformity in European legal practice; Excessive presence of the executive power and its pressure on the decision-making process, as well as deep conflicts within the social partners themselves, which are related to the legal concept of representativeness. Round Table: Social Dialogue and Sustainable Development: An Agenda for Civil Society. Conducted: Informational and methodological seminar: New social dialogue in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.
   The main objective of the project is to create a new model of relations in the social and labor sphere between state institutions, employers and trade unions in order to ensure social stability in the country through the development of a general position paper, which will include a comparative analysis of social dialogue in three countries that implementing the Flexible and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Within the framework of the Association Agreement with the EU (AA / DCFTA) in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Expansion of the sphere of competence of social dialogue on environmental issues, energy and environmental safety, prevention of man-made disasters. Project results were provided to the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (CSF EaP) and the Eastern Partnership's Eastern Partnership Unit (EESC). Approaches to the development of the "Stage of Social Dialogue Development", Analysis of the state of social dialogue in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.
2016 year The Project “Advanced Reforms, Advanced Civil Society”
Project for the analysis of the social services system in Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, was supported by the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (CSF EaP) with the financial support of the European Commission (EC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. In partnership with the NGO "Center of Armavir" (Armenia) and the Scientific and intellectual club "Dialogue of Generations" (Georgia) social services provision system was monitored in the Eastern Partnership states, recommendations for the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Eastern Partnership were prepared, based on legal Ensuring the process of reforming the provision of social services. General approaches to decentralization of social services in the Eastern Partnership and prospects of participation of non-governmental social service providers, including NGOs and charity funds at the expense of local budgets, and issues to provide public services as required, analyzed "delegated" system of social services of Functioning in conditions of administrative and financial decentralization were defined. Developed "Report on the results of social service delivery system monitoring in Ukraine". Policy Paper "Delegated Social Services Systems in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine" Executive Summary of the Comprehensive Report; Comprehensive Report.
2016 year The Project “Approaches to social reform: from innovation to tradition”
Supported by UNICEF in Ukraine, aimed at developing proposals for the long-term implementation of an integrated model of the social sector and minimizing the threats to the social protection system at the time of reform. The beginning of the path from innovation to tradition: the first achievements of the Social and Scientific Platform for Human Development. The ideological basis for a joint vision is developed: "Integrated model of the social sector". A social and scientific platform for human development has been set up, which should become a broad advocacy platform that will provide both high-quality scientific support for social sector reform, as well as broad public advocacy of work. A Memorandum of Understanding and joint work with a number of leading scientific institutions and public organizations have been signed. The proposals for preparation for the long-term implementation of the integrated model of the social sector and minimization of threats to the social protection system during the period of the reform were elaborated. Short-term recommendations for improving the normative provision of the system of social protection of the population for the transition period of decentralization have been prepared; Recommendations for conducting financial priorytization taking into account integration approaches are prepared; Recommendations for implementation of the Integrated Model: "Integrated Model Implementation Plan" at the state and local levels from 2018 are prepared. The concept of the Unified Center for the Provision of Social Services based on the "Integrated Model" and the experience of the Centers of Social Services in Vinnytsia and Odesa was developed; Cooperation with local self-government bodies, in particular with the united territorial communities of Vi nnytsia and Odessa oblasts, has begun.

2017 year The Project “The practice of the Ministry of Social Policy to ensure gender equality in the labor market in the context of relevant EU directives”
Supported by the International Renaissance Foundation, is implemented by the NGO "Bureau of Social and Political Developments" in cooperation with the coalition of four Organizations, Kyiv Institute of Gender Studies, NGO "Labor Initiatives", Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine and Research Institute of Labor and Employment of SMEs and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The project proposes several events - a constituent meeting with the signing of the Memorandum; All-Ukrainian meeting of representatives of executive power and expert environment on labor rights issues; Analytical work on a detailed study of the situation and the development of recommendations for the implementation of the six EU anti-discrimination directives "On the road to the EU: equal rights and opportunities for Ukrainian citizens in access to work"; , As well as promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls in accordance with the provisions of the EU Action Plan. The draft provides for a common representation of the authorities and experts from NGOs regarding the plan of measures for the implementation of the mentioned above directives, which is the main goal of the project.

2017 year The Project “Step Forward to Social Services Decentralization in Eastern Partnership Countries
Supported by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The project is being implemented jointly with non-governmental organizations of Georgia (Scientific-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations") and Armenia (Armavir Development Center). The aim of the project is to share the experience of Ukraine on the decentralization of social services, to study the experience of Georgia in relation to the voucher system and to create a system for promoting the concept of decentralization of social services in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. The project includes visits to Ukraine (Odessa to study the decentralization of the social sector in Ukraine and familiarization with the implementation of the Integrated Social Sector Model) and Georgia (Tbilisis - Kutaisi, in order to study experience, raise awareness of local NGOs and media on issues Decentralization of social services). Also, a Platform for the decentralization of social services of the Eastern Partnership countries will be established, which will interact with the aim of further advocating developed documents for the state and the region levels of social and scientific platform of human development.

2017 year The project "Strong local communities - Social local communities" Supported by the UNICEF in Ukraine, aims to improve the activities of separated territorial communities (ATC) in the social sphere, provide methodological and technological support to them. Improvement of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in the framework of the program-target method of financing. An integrated approach to planning and financing educational, social and health projects will be developed. ATC`s will receive not only resource, methodological and informational support, as well as recommendations for attracting social investments into the social sphere for more effective use of funds within the framework of the program-target method of financing. During the project implementation, the following activities will be carried out: analysis and identify of ATC «capabilities», human development index, structure of ATC`s, according to their «capability» level and their unique features, provision of recommendations for each ATC, planning of ATC actions on social sector development, creating of plans for development of territorial communities. The main objective of the project is to lay the foundation for the implementation of the "Integrated Social Sector Model".

2018 year The project "Practises of the Ministry of the Social Policy on the development of the expert work on the implementation of the EU Council «anti-discriminatory» directives» 

Supported by International Renaissance Foundation. The main goal of the project is to enhance expert participation of the civil society in implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the sphere of anti-discrimination in labour and social politics by analysing and development development of urgently needed sub-normative acts, normative base for the bills submitted for the implementation of "anti-discrimination" Directives of the Council of the EU. It is expected to prepare and publish an analytical report, a summary and conclusions of the report, develop recommendations for urgently needed by-laws and normative base for the bills submitted for the implementation of the Council's anti-discrimination Directives; conducting the Co-ordination and Expert Council on social policy and the final expert meeting.

2018 year The Project  "Social Partnership for Equality"
Project was supported by the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The project covers 4 countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. The project partners are the two largest trade unions in Ukraine: the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine and the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, as well as trade unions and non-governmental organizations of Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. The main objectives of the project are to create an analytical review of the anti-discrimination legislation of the four countries and an international platform for coordination of the activities of the Eastern Partnership countries in the field of anti-discrimination. Within the framework of the project, joint activities with the participants of Working Group 1 "Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability" are expected together with Working Group 5 "Social and Labor Policy, Social Dialogue" of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

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