Annual Report 2018-2019 public organization Bureau of social & political developments

Dear Colleagues and Partners!

Presenting the final report about our work in the past year, I would like to emphasize a couple of significant events and projects, implemented by the Bureau of Social and Political developments. Our experts analyzed the conditions of the implementation and correspondence of the norms of Ukrainian law: three out of six antidiscrimination directions, which require first-priority implementation according to the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement; presented analytical report “Analysis of the regulation of equality and non-discrimination in access to work, provision of services and social security: assessment of the state of implementation of EU anti-discrimination directives by Ukraine” in collaboration with project “Civic Synergy”.

The Bureau continued its work in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. The Social Partnership for Equality project has been implemented, analytical documents have been developed on the situation of gender equality and non-discrimination in the workplace and in access to employment in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia, thereby establishing a stable cross-border dialogue between governmental and community organizations, in this area.

In addition to participating in the Public Councils of the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, a representative of the Bureau is the coordinator of the Sustainable Development Advisory Group of Ukraine established to meet the requirements of Article 299 of the Association Agreement to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement. The Bureau co-founded the Family Policy Platform of Ukraine in the Light of the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Equal Rights and Opportunities Platform, which aims to ensure civil society involvement in the formulation and implementation of national gender policies in all sectors and spheres at national and local levels. We are currently developing the Concept for the Implementation of EU Standards to balance the professional and personal life of workers, which will summarize both international standards in this field and practice of their implementation, as well as take into account the socio-economic capabilities of Ukraine at the current stage of development, gender balance and compliance with the principle of non-compliance, which would include all the behaviors known to violate the privacy of the individual. 

The Executive Director of the Bureau participated in conducting a gender-specific audit of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The audit assessed the Ministry's real and potential capacity to integrate the principle of gender equality into its activities. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Kyiv City State Administration, experts of the Bureau, together with partner organizations, are developing a theoretical and methodological base as well as developing a research design for monitoring gender equality in the capital.The Gender Passport aims to promote evidence-based policies in the field of equality between women and men. Part of the implementation of the large-scale project on the creation of the Gender Passport was the participation of the Bureau in the implementation of the city target program "Social Partnership" for 2019-2021 approved by the decision of the Kyiv City Council, in particular the work of educational project on the organization of modern forms of providing social support to elders.

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Chairman of the Board

Rostyslav Dzundza

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