Motherhood protection and gender aspects in social security

Motherhood protection  and gender aspects in social security - name of the 5-day training organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) for representatives of the National Tripartite Social and Economic Council, social services, trade union associations, NGO`s including Bureau of Social and Political Developments and Institutions of the higher education. During the training, participants from different fields, in cooperation with international experts, had the opportunity to compare maternity protection conventions 103 and 183 and evaluate how much national legislation respond to the needs of working mothers. "I am particularly concerned about the problem of women's slowed down career development compared to the men. After studying with the ILO, I  plan to conduct trainings for employers to ensure maternity protection at their enterprises. Now business becomes more socially responsible, therefore, they are ready to accept new knowledge and correct deficiencies, "says Olga Dunebabina, consultant of the NGO " La Strada-Ukraine ". "For us to be here means gaining knowledge with the purpose of bringing Ukrainian legislation closer to the EU directives and the ILO Conventions, in particular regarding parental leave, maternity protection, harmonization of professional and family responsibilities of workers in Ukraine that requires normative regulation and practical steps towards implementation, taking into account necessity of  the implementation of EU labor standards in this area, which is essential part of the Association Agreement with the European Union, "said Rostyslav Dzundza, chairman of the Bureau of Social and Political Developments

During training, participants  considered, in particular, the issue of non-discrimination and labour hygiene at the workplace, employment protection, the creation of conditions for breastfeeding and the come back to work after maternity leave. Oleksandra Vinogradova, Senior Specialist, Department of Innovative Programs of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, has recently become a mother and takes part in training with the baby. "Breastfeeding in our society considered negatively. It seems that a woman, a young mother, is displacing society by  itself. Therefore, at work it is necessary to defend themselves and discuss the organization of time for breastfeeding ", - emphasizes Oleksandra

Participants of the training also had an opportunity to join the UNiTE International Campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, this year theme theme of which was" # Hear Me: Stop Violence Against Women and Girls ". According to the UN, 90% of victims of gender-based violence are women. The 16-day campaign consists of a series of events around the world and calls for joint efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls.

The International Labor Organization is preparing trainers and trainers for maternity protection within the framework of the 5-year project "Inclusive labor market for job creation in Ukraine", which is implemented with the support of the Government of Denmark. The purpose of the project is to create new jobs, promote entrepreneurship, improve social dialogue and collective-contractual regulation, and strengthen the institutional capacities of social partners.

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