The Rules and Procedures of the Advisory Group on Sustainable Development of Ukraine were approved and the leadership and composition of the Coordination Council were elected

   Advisory group of Ukraine on Sustainable Development was created according to the requirements of Article 299 of the Association Agreement between Ukraine on the one hand and the European Union in order to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of Chapter 13 "Trade and sustainable development" of the Association Agreement. To this end, the Advisory Group: expresses its position and makes recommendations on matters related to the implementation of Chapter 13 of the Trade and Sustainable Development of the Association Agreement. Recommendations could be provided on its own initiative or at the request of the EU-Ukraine Subcommittee on Trade and Sustainable Development or the Trade and Sustainable Development Board or an expert group set up under the provisions of Article 301 of the Association Agreement.
   In order to prepare its statements or recommendations, the Advisory Group may identify from its staff responsible persons who can hold consultations with scientists, independent experts, representatives of Ukrainian, European, international and other organizations that have the appropriate authority and experience and are not part of the Advisory group.

 The advisory group consists of independent “representative” non-governmental organizations that objectively represent employers 'and workers' organizations, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties as members (with the right to vote) and observers (with the right of an advisory vote). The composition of the Advisory Group is formed on the basis of the balanced representation of the parties concerned, taking into account economic, social and environmental factors.
Admission of the Civil Society Institution as an Observer to the Advisory Group is carried out on the basis of a written application submitted by its head to the head of the Advisory Group. The decision on enrollment is taken by the Advisory Group by voting by a simple majority, taking into account the balanced representation.
The Rules and Procedures of the Advisory Group on Sustainable Development were approved, at its meeting on January 17, 2019, which continued its work on January 24, 2019 (with the addition: the Group's composition approved by the Protocol of the Sustainable Development and Trade Protocol No. 3) during which the management of the group was elected and discussed Directions of work for 2019.
Berzina Svetlana (NGO "Living Planet") was elected chairman by the overwhelming majority of the members of the Advisory Group.
The Coordination Council consists of representatives on thematic profiles:

  • - "Economical" – Julia Goncharova (Federation of Employers of Ukraine)
  • - "Social" – Rostislav Dzundza (NGO "Bureau of Social and Political Developments")
  • - "Ecological" – Natalia Andrusevich (NGO Resource and Analytical Center "Society and Environment", with the consent).

The Advisory Group, other than its members, involves the participation of observers on a pro-rata basis in economic, social and environmental areas (no more than 14 organizations together). Consequently, the Advisory Group is open for consultations and statements from organizations interested in working together. Applications will be considered at the next meeting, which will take place on February 28, 2019. Also, the meeting will consider the work plan of the group for 2019.
Composition of the European part of the group under the link:

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