Rostyslav Dzundza
Head of board

     2016-2017 member of the Ministry of Social Policy of UkraineExpert Advisory Group on the implementation of the Association Agreement Ukraine EU, preparation of a comprehensive report on monitoring the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, in particular the implementation of the provisions on equality and non-discrimination In the area of employment, social policy and services. The coordinator project “The practice of the Ministry of Social Policy to ensure gender equality in the labor market in the context of relevant EU directives” Analytical work on a detailed study of the situation and the development of recommendations for the implementation of the six EU anti-discrimination directives "On the road to the EU: equal rights and opportunities for Ukrainian citizens in access to work"as well as promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls in accordance with the provisions of the EU Action Plan. Under the auspices of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership and the Ukrainian side of the Platform of Civil Society of Ukraine-EU. The corresponding project is implemented within the framework of the grant component of the project "Public Synergy", funded by the European Union and the International “Renaissance” Foundation.      
    2015-2016. Co-founder of Social scientific platform of human development, Chairman of project «Stronger together: the new social dialogue in EaP», «Advanced Reforms, Advanced Civil Society» of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, and «Initiating multi-stakeholder dialogue on Social Reform in Ukraine» aims at supporting civil society organizations in the Eastern Partnership countries to become stronger players in policy dialogue funded by the European Union. Coordinator project: Stocktaking of Social Sector Reform Processes in Ukraine «Analysis of legislative and strategies documents in the social reform» the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
      2014-2015. The coordinator of Platform of civil society Ukraine-EU the bilateral organ of civil society, created in accordance with the articles of a 469-470 Agreement about an association, to direction "Employment, labor rights, safe and healthy terms of labor, social politics", member of public advices of Committee on foreign affairs Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. A member of public advice is at Ministry of health and Ministry of social politics of Ukraine. Expert of Coordinating-expert advice on questions social politics scientifically research Institute of labor and employment of population of Ministry of social politics and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. A chairman of rule of Bureau of social and political developments is an association of independent experts for the sake of reformation of social politics of Ukraine with the aim of providing of social justice and steady development. Vice-president on questions European integration of International Legation of Folk Diplomacy "European Ukraine".
       2013-14. Member of Steering Committee of Forum of civil society of East Partnership . Co-ordinator of working group "Sociallabour politics and social dialogue" countries of East Partnership activity of that is concentrated on social politics and questions of employment of countries-members of EaP with bringing in also of ministries of social politics, trade-union organizations and organs of employers. A working group in the work watches after the observance of the fundamental rights for workers, confessed by the participating countries of EaP, takes pains for the sake of achievement of progress on a way to adaptation of the European and international norms, certain Charter basic rights of European Union, by the European social charter and International organization of labour (IOL), for the sake of becoming of "social supremacy of right". Co-founder of "Staff of social reforms of Maidan" for a concordance with specialists and various social.
       2012-13. Co-founder of Co-coordinator-expert advice on questions social politics at Center of long-range social researches of Ministry of social politics and NASU is a coordinator ground for making of ОГС of general vision in relation to development of strategy of development of social politics. An author is "Review of the system of social services in Ukraine: the modern state and directions of reformation". Coauthor of "Monitoring of development of social sphere of Ukraine" on next indexes: (basic indexes of socio-economic development; standard of living of population; quality of life of population; labour-market; demographic situation; social partnership is a social environment; monitoring of sociallegal acts) that is developed by Center of long-range social researches of Ministry of social politics and NASU. Organization Forum of public advices and public organizations of Ukraine, it is select the member of Steering Committee of the Ukrainian National platform of Forum of civil society of East Partnership.
       2011 - Personal Assistant (Assistant Secretary) Kniazevych Vasil Myhaylovych Minister of Health of Ukraine 2007-2010. Participation in projects of the program "Public Health" International Fund "Renaissance" Kochi sells Ukrainian league to promote palliative and hospice care, "Improving access to palliative care terminally ill by drawing attention to the state and community palliative care in Ukraine", "The need simplify access to the terminally ill anesthesia "and" Development of palliative care in the region, a visiting palliative care service, "Development and the seminar" Ensuring access to opioid analgesics "in cooperation with International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care and the European Association for Palliative Care. Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, State Committee on HIV / AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases. National Coordinator of the project "Home care" ICF "Caritas-Ukraine". Consultant for Fundraising ACF "Coalition of HIV-service organizations" under the "Improving HIV services in Ukraine." Project coordinator, a specialist in organizational development NGO "Ukrainian League to promote palliative and hospice care." Participation in the program "Mechanisms of social control in health care: the European model of public audit of the rights of patients" and the Agency for Legislative Initiatives and Westminster Consortium "Cooperation of NGOs and the Parliament" in the framework of strengthening human resource capacity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Participation in the "All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference on the prevention and control of tuberculosis in Ukraine." The representative of the International NGO "Eurasian patient safety initiative."
       2009-2010 - Member of the International Society for AIDS. Expert for Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS XVIII International Conference in Vienna in 2010. Project Manager ICF "Caritas" Kyiv "Expanding access to comprehensive counseling for adherence, psychological and social support and care for people living with HIV" and "a course of improvement of the clergy of the Kyiv Church Archdiocese of HIV / AIDS." Participation in seminars Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland) and the Foundation of Medical Law and Bioethics Ukraine: "fight against HIV / AIDS, not people living with HIV / AIDS" and "European standards in the care of children and families." Participation the National Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation on HIV-infection/AIDS "For every life - together." Participation in international scientific conference: "Sacri Canones - 20 years of experience" organized Faculty of Canon Law and Administration and Catholic University of Lublin diocese Sandomyr Roman Catholic Church. member of the Scientific Advisory Council on Religion and Nationalities of the National Expert Commission of Ukraine on protection of public morals, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Participation in the conference "Freedom of religion and democracy: old and new challenges" organized by the Coordination Council of CIS and Baltic on theoretical and practical religion, Ukrainian Association of Religious, Department of Religious Studies Institute of Philosophy of GS Skovoroda National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. expert on organizational development in the project "Capacity Building of CSOs to reform Ukraine" implemented GURT Resource Centre. Participation in the conference "Civil Society Development in Ukraine and reform strategy: Community organizations and social transformation "project" National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms »(UNITER) Agency for International Development. Participation in a certified program on Bioethics and Pastoral Care of Health 'In the Service of Life" Philosophy and Theology Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Participation in International Scientific Conference "Actual problems of research in the humanities in post-Soviet" International Association of humanities (International Association for the Humanities (IAH). Member of the School Advocacy, communication and social mobilization in combating tuberculosis "Stop tuberculosis together. "Project Coordinator Department of social service of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Foundation" Caritas-Kyiv "All-Ukrainian NGO" Ukrainian League to promote palliative and hospice care. "member of the Patriarchal Ecumenical Commission of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Church Commission for promoting unity among Christians.
       2008-2009 - Doctoral Studies at the Ukrainian Free University, Munich. Germany. (Universitas Libera Ucrainensis Munchen, Germany). On the Philosophical Faculty. Work on the theme: «The law position of the bishop of eparchial in bizantic-ukrainian ritual». Participation in the program "Ensuring an effective response to HIV / AIDS and STIs among vulnerable groups in the Western Ukraine" and "advocacy of the rights and interests of vulnerable groups in Western Ukraine" which served Charitable Christian Foundation "Solidarity." Member of the Society of Ukrainian canonists of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Co-founder of the Information Rights Center "Credo", Kyiv. Member of the International Society for Human Rights (International society for human rights). Participation in the International Conference "1982-2009: Ukraine at the turn of the century - a departure from communism and difficult path to democracy" organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Heinrich Boell Foundation (Heinrich Boll Stiftung). Participation in the Governance of HIV / AIDS UNDP in Ukraine entitled "Human Rights and HIV / AIDS." Participation in training ACF "Coalition of HIV-service organizations" supported by USAID (Project of HIV / AIDS services in Ukraine) with a "Local Fundraising", "Financial Management" and on "Development of standards and guidelines on HIV / AIDS," " prevention among people at high risk of HIV infection "," Supporting customers with triple diagnosis "and" Care and support for people living with HIV / AIDS "and others. Participation in a certified program, "Ethics and the Public Sphere" and "elite and public service." Department of Philosophy of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Specialist human rights, freedom of conscience and religion NGO "Ukrainian Human Rights Movement" Dignity. " Participation in the Conference "positive belief: development partnership" organized by the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and inter-religious Resource Centre on HIV / AIDS at All-Ukrainian Council of Churches (Interfaith HIV / AIDS Resource Centre under All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations ) report on "pastoral response to stigma and discrimination against HIV positive people and ways to overcome it."
       2006-2008 - Course Political Science in Eastern Europe, Department of Political Science University of Warsaw (Kurs Studiow Politycznych Europy Wschodnej, Wydzial Politologia Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego). Work on the theme: «Polacy-Ukraińcy, Polska-Ukraina. Zarys problemów w stosunkach sąsiedzkich »(Poles and Ukrainians. Poland and Ukraine. Sketch problems in the neighborhood), led by Prof. Ryszard Radzika. Develop and participate in the Congress of Theologians Church "Evharystiyne communion - challenge tradition and modernity to traditional churches" in the canonical section, called the Ukrainian Scientific Theological Society and the Institute of Canon Law of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Participation in international conference "Polish-Ukrainian relations throughout history» (Stosunki polsko-ukraińskie na przestrzeni dziejów) organized by the Faculty of Historical and Social Sciences University. Cardinal Stefan Vyshynski (Wydzial Nauk Historycznych i Społecznych Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego). Participation in international conference "History and contemporary state of Eastern studies" (History of Oriental studies in) organized by the Faculty of Eastern Europe, Warsaw University (Centre for East European Studies, University of Warsaw). Work on the conference: "Christian values in the prevention and combating of human immunodeficiency virus" organized by the Institute of Marriage and Family Life of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Participation in the program "Overcoming HIV / AIDS in the Carpathian region and in the Western Ukraine" and in "The introduction of effective and comprehensive model of HIV / AIDS / STIs in the Western Ukraine" (ICF "International HIV / AIDS in Ukraine. Coordinator programs, coach and board member of BHF "Solidarity", a specialist on work among vulnerable groups of the West Resource Centre on HIV / AIDS.
       2004-2006 - PhD student University of Cardinal Stefan Vyshynski in Warsaw (University of Cardinal Stepan Wyshynski of Warsaw), Faculty of Canon Law (Department of Law Canonic), PhD work (doctors law dissertation) on the topic «Pozycja prawna biskupa eparchialnego w obrzadku bizantynsko-ukrainskim "(Legal Status of the diocesan bishop in the Ukrainian-Byzantine rite). Under the leadership ks.prof.dr hab. Jozefa Wrocenskiego. Winner of doctoral scholarship foundation «Renovabis» Germany. He began teaching at the Faculty of Eastern Europe, Institute of Oriental Warsaw University Scholar program "of specialized research in Eastern Europe» («Specjalistycznych Studiow Wschodnich» Studium Europy Wschodniej, Instytut Orientalistyczny, Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego). Participation in the work on the theme: «Introductory report from the opinion poll taken in Kiev in December 2004 by the students end staff of the Eeast European Studies Department University of Warsaw» (Introductory report on the position of the voters in Kiev in December 2004, which was studied by students faculty and staff study of Eastern Europe Warsaw University). Master's thesis on the theme: «Zasady zycia liturgicznego w Archydijecezij Przemysko-Warszawskiej Ukrainskiego Kosciola Greckokatolickiego» (principles of liturgical life in the Warsaw Archdiocese Peremyshsko-Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) led prof.dr hab. Hanna Dylagowa Professor Catholic University of Lublin (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski). Participation in the conference on "pastoral response to the Church challenges of HIV / AIDS" organized by the Secretariat of the Major Archbishop of the UGCC in conjunction with the Commission Church for ministry of health and ICF "Caritas Ukraine" with the support of the Joint Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS).
       2003-2004 - the Pontifical Theological Faculty in Warsaw, St. section. John the Baptist (Papieski Wydzial Teologiczny w Warszawie, sekcja sw. Jana Chrzciciela) MA program "red." Scholarship Foundation. Joseph Myanovskoho Polish Academy of Sciences. (Mianowski Fund - Foundation for the Promotion of Science). Member of the Society canonists Poland (Stowarzyszenia Kanonistów Polskich-Canonic Organization of Polish Republic). Scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the program of the Government of the Republic of Poland for Young Scientists (Stypendium Ministra Spraw Zagranicznych RP, Program Stypendialny Rządu RP dla młodych naukowców) to participate in the XIV International Summer School of the University of Warsaw (XIV Miedzynarodowa Wschodnia Szkoła Letnia, Studium Europy Wschodniej, Instytut Orientalistyczny Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego). Participation in the East European International Winter School (International East European Winter School) Board of Eastern Europe, Wroclaw University and the National Foundation. Ossolinskis (College of Eastern Europe University of Wroclaw and the Ossolinskis National Institute). Work on the theme: «Social and politikal transformation in East European and Balcan countries in last 15 years» (social and political transformation in the last 15 years in Eastern Europe and the Balkans), led by Prof. Jane L.Curre (Santa Clara University USA). Participation in the Warsaw Convention of Special Studies of Nationalities (Warsaw Special Convention of ASN-The Association for the Study of Nationalities) on «Nationalities and pluralism from old to new world» (Nationalism and Pluralism in the old and the modern world). Organized Faculty of Eastern Europe, Warsaw University (The Centre for East European Studies of Warsaw University).
       2000-2003 - University of Cardinal Stefan Vyshynski in Warsaw (Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego w Warszawie). Faculty of Canon Law (Wydzial Prawo Kanoniczne), specialization of civil and canonical, (specializacia cywilno-kanoniczna) master's thesis on "The rights and obligations of the diocesan bishop in the Code of Canons of the Oriental churches and particular law of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church» (Prava i obowiazki biskupa eparchialnego wedlug Kodeksu Kanonow Kosciolow Wschodnich i Rrawa Rartykularnego Ukrainskiego Kosciola Greko-Katolickiego). Master of title litsenziatus hratus (licenciat canonic lat.). Scholarship Fund Renovabis («Renovabis» Solidaritats aktion der deutshen Katholiken mit den Menschen in Mittel - und Osteuropa) Germany. Participation in international scientific conference: Unity in diversity «Unitas in varietate» on the occasion of the publication of the Polish translation of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (Międzynarodowa Konferencja z okazji prezentacji polskiego tłumaczenia Kodeksu Kanonów Kościołów Wschodnich «Unitas in varietate») conducted fakultetetom Canon Law and Administration, Lublin University (Prawa Kanonicznego i Administracji Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego). Work on the project particular law of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church under the leadership of Chairman of the Synodal Commission Canonical Church Bishop Professor. Sofron Wise OSBM. Approved by the Synod of Bishops.
       1994-2000 - Irkutsk Theological Academy (Theological Academy in Ivano-Frankivsk), Faculty of Philosophy and Theology (Department of Philosophy and Theology), received a BA in Theology and Religious Studies teacher. Institute of Religion and Society of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Religion and Society Institute, Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv), work on "The Ukrainian legislation and the possibility of the Church fulfill its social mission," a scientific conference: "Social problems of post-totalitarian society and opportunities of the Church "and" The phenomenon of modern religious theological and philosophical, historical, sociological and Legal Aspects. "

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