"Social partnership for the equality" expanding cross-sectoral cooperation

Within the framework of the project "Social Partnership for Equity", which was implemented with the support of the European Union , the NGO "Bureau of Social and Political Developments" hosted a visit of representatives of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. The delegation included: Raisa Liparteliani, Coordinator of Working Group # 5 of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum "Social and Labor Policy, Social Dialogue" and Nugzar Kokhreidze, co-founder of the Research-Intellectual Club Dialogue of Generations , Coordinator of the Employment Subgroup and counteracting the discrimination of the WG5 National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership.

On the first day of their visit, on October 10, delegates took part in parliamentary hearings on "Countering Discrimination Against Women from Vulnerable Social Groups." Parliamentary hearings took place in the Verkhovna Rada's premises, in the plenary session hall, at the parliamentary hearings, the Georgian delegates got acquainted with the Ukrainian daily diary on anti-discrimination.

On the second day, on October 11 in the first day of the day, representatives of the Georgian delegation and the Bureau of Social and Political Developments met with the top-management of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The event was attended by specialists of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, representatives of trade union organizations and NGOs from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

During the meeting, they discussed plans for implementing the project and studied the experience of implementing such projects in European countries. Issues related to the integrated social services system and the gender perspective in the area of ​​employment, social policy and labor as a whole were discussed, as well as the dissemination of Ukraine's experience in this area to the Eastern Partnership countries, in particular, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. Leonid Ilchuk, deputy director of the Institute of Labor and Employment of Ministry of Social Police and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on Scientific Work, informed Georgian colleagues about the Institute's scientific activity, disclosed the directions and principles of the Coordination and Expert Council on Social Policy of the Institute. There was also a working meeting with the Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Labor, Roman Chernega.

In the second half, a coordination meeting was held with the leadership of the International Trade Union Organization «Solidarity Center”, in particular with Executive officer of Programs in Europe and Central Asia, Rudi Porter, and Director of the AFP-KPP Solidarity Center in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Tristán Masat. Agreements on coordination of activities on the implementation of the priorities of the Association Agreement, the Eastern Partnership Initiative have been reached to enhance the participation of civil society and use of the instrument of social dialogue and joint monitoring of the implementation of the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) ratified by the countries of the Eastern Partnership. The meeting was an important milestone in the implementation of the "Social Partnership for Equality" project, as well as options for cooperation between the Ukrainian and Georgian sides.

On October 12, on the third day of the visit, delegates and representatives of the Bureau of Social and Political Developments took part in the conference "Practices in the Formation and Implementation of Gender Policy: EU and Eastern Partnership" on the project implemented by the NGO "Bureau of Gender Strategies and Budgeting". Within the framework of the conference, recommendations were made to strengthen the role of the National Platfroms of the CsF in shaping and implementing the gender equality and non-discrimination policies in the Eastern Partnership countries.

In her speech, Raisa Liperteliani described the activities of the trade unions, such as trainings, advocacy and information campaigns aimed at strengthening of the national and international mechanisms for the protection of women's rights, the problem of inequality of pay between women and men, the problem of combining family with work. In her speech, Raisa also noted that the association agreement is a pledge and an effective tool for achieving gender equality.

Rostislav Dzundza, Chairman of the Board of NGOs "Bureau of Social and Political Developments", noted that "Gender equality should become the main topic on the day of the Eastern Partnership Summit, as achieving gender equality is one of the goals for implementing the Association Agreement between Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Our organization is working on a toolkit for the implementation of the EU Anti-Discrimination Directives, which is a reliable and effective method of achieving gender equality. " Representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, NGO "Labor Initiatives", the Public Council under the Ministry of Social Policy and the State Service of Ukraine on labor issues, the Labor and Employment Research Laboratory of SMEs and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine participated in the events

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