Annual report 2017 year public organization Bureau of social & political developments

Dear colleagues!

First and foremost from the «Bureau of Social and political developments» let me thank you For your cooperation and interest in ours work, in its activities during 2017 our organization focuses on the following areas: Gender equality and non-discrimination, equal opportunities in the labor sphere; Decentralization social services, implementation of integrated models of social services at the level of united territorial communities; Social component concepts of sustainable development, actually behind these three main areas of activity and built annual report. As in the past territory of activity spread not only to the regions of Ukraine, but also to Eastern Partnership countries, in particular, the republic Georgia, Moldova and Armenia.

The mission of our organisation's activities is:

  • Ensuring the principles of social justice and sustainable development of communities by combining civil society organizations and independent experts for the sake of reforming the social sphere of Ukraine.
  • Development of development strategies in all spheres of social policy: social protection, social services, social dialogue, public health.
  • Examination and improvement of the regulatory environment for security effective reforms and the process of European integration.
  • Developing a common vision among civil society organizations working in social, ecological and medical spheres on the directions and results of reform.
  • Providing anti-discrimination and gender equality, working to create in Ukraine society and an environment free from discrimination.
  • Activities to protect the freedom, justice and equality of women and men in the market labor and the protection of their labor and social rights.

 Creating conditions for solving socially significant problems, developing common ones measures to protect and unite vulnerable groups of the population.

NGO «Bureau of Social and Political Developments» has been active in the social sphere for several years now services, in particular, in order to fulfill the obligations of Ukraine under the Association Agreement on security social dialogue, social protection and social inclusion were accepted by the Bureau. Participation in the development and advocacy of the draft Law of Ukraine «On Social Services» (Reg. No 4607) which is aimed at reforming the system of provision of social services and adopted in the first reading.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine last year, it is also included in the Road Map of the Legislature ensuring the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Bureau experts, together with a number of academic institutions and think tanks, have developed Integrated social sector model and indicators for its implementation. The model takes into account the successful experience reforming the system of social protection and providing administrative services in the regions, was also Practical recommendations for the implementation of the Integrated model on the state and local levels are developed levels

In the sphere of activity of the Bureau of Advocacy of Bills «On Amendments to Some Legislative acts of Ukraine (on harmonization of legislation in the field of prevention and counteraction of discrimination with the right European Union) and the Draft Law of Ukraine» On Amendments (on labor rights).

The key task for the next year is for myself to develop and advocate for the draft law Of Ukraine «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (Concerning the Granting of Additional Guarantees, related to the combination of family and work responsibilities)» concerning so-called parental leave and the addition of a gender component to the new version of the Law of Ukraine «On Collective Bargaining and Collective agreements» on non-discriminatory rules in the labor market, namely the inclusion of warning issues stigma and discrimination in labor relations to the General Agreement is another step in this direction.

Gender equality and non-discrimination should be the basis for policy actions The Eastern Partnership of the European Union, in order to ensure the full support of the societies of the countries partners of the EU.

I would also like to sincerely thank our Distinguished Donors for the support and support of our activities, This is primarily the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Office in Ukraine, the «Civil Society Project synergy» carried out by the International Renaissance Foundation, Civil Society Forum The Eastern Partnership and the Regional Mechanism for the Support of Civil Society of the Countries Project Eastern Partnership» is funded by the European Union.

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Chairman of the Board

Rostyslav Dzundza

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